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Different Subtypes of Split Heat Pumps You Could Consider

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If you are looking to enhance the heating in your home, you are probably considering purchasing a heat pump. One thing to note is that there are different varieties of these types of pumps. One of the more popular options for residential properties is the split heat pump; this type of heat pump comprises both an internal as well as external pump. The internal pumps are connected to various ducts around the home. Depending on the type of heat pump you consider, you could either have the same temperature in the rooms being heated or opt to heat each room individually at its own preferred temperature. Here are some of the different subtypes of split heat pumps that you could consider.

Single split heat pumps

These are the most basic design of split heat pumps that you could opt for. As such, they have minimal amount of wiring that needs to be installed into your home. If you are searching for a heat pump on a restrictive budget, then this would be an economical option for your needs. It should be noted that single split heat pumps also tend to the least versatile subtype that you could consider. These types of pumps only have a single indoor unit, which means you will have the ability of only heating one room at a time. These heat pumps are suited for small homes or studio units.

Dual split heat pumps

As the name suggests, these types of heat pumps will come with two indoor units. They are also an economical option but much more versatile than their single split counterparts as you now have the option of installing the indoor units in two separate rooms. They are suitable for individuals who live in one-bedroom properties giving you the chance to install one unit in the main living area and another unit in the bedroom.

Multi split heat pumps

These types of split heat pumps come with more than two indoor units. In addition to this, the indoor units multi split heat pumps also come with separate refrigerant ducts. These different refrigerant ducts function to allow the heat to various areas of your home at different temperatures. This is unlike dual split heat pumps, which will use the same refrigerant duct to supply heat into the home. Multi split heat pumps are suitable for larger families or homes with different storeys, giving you the freedom to create different heating zones in your home.