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What You Need To Know About Asbestos Disposal

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The inhalation of asbestos fibres can be dangerous for your health. Thus, if there is asbestos in your house, it should be disposed of immediately. The process of asbestos disposal should be done by professionals rather than yourself since even the slightest mishandling could endanger you and your family. There are various things you need to know about asbestos disposal so that you know what to expect and you minimize the risk posed to you and your family.

Legal Requirements

The law recognizes that asbestos is dangerous. As such, there are strict regulations in how the material should be handled. It should not be reused, recycled or dumped illegally. For instance, you should not dump it in your domestic trash bin. Any transportation that goes for a long distance should be handled by professionals. Should there be leakages, you might be liable for the costs of assessing the damage and carrying out a cleanup. To be sure of what is required, you should consult your local council on how the asbestos disposal should be carried out.

Storage of Asbestos

If there is a need for the asbestos to be stored prior to disposal, there are some regulations to govern the process. You need to ensure that the material is stored in a safe manner so that there are no leaks. The storage process begins with wetting down the asbestos and then putting it into heavy-duty bags that can withstand transportation. If you are dealing with bonded asbestos, you must ensure that it is in a leak-proof container at all times. Bonded asbestos refers to any material containing asbestos but is not friable asbestos. Friable asbestos refers to the material containing asbestos in powder or crumb form.

Transportation of Asbestos

The vehicle used in the transportation should be leak-proof. It should be capable of moving the asbestos to the landfill without damaging the containers containing the material. The vehicle then needs to be examined for signs of the material once it has finished the transportation.

Disposing Of the Asbestos

There are regulations on where the asbestos can be disposed. Asbestos can only be disposed of at special landfills. This means that you have to call in advance to enquire whether landfills in your locality accept asbestos material. If you are not present during the disposal, you should get the contractor to give you a receipt or certificate from the landfill. This helps to give you and assurance that the material has been disposed in a legal manner.

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