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Things To Know About Cheap Skip Bin Hire

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Whether you need a big waste container because you're renovating your home or office, or you own a small construction business and need to dump wood and old concrete, your best bet may be to hire a skip bin. But if you've never rented a skip bin before, and are looking for the lowest possible price, you need to be armed with some basic information about these waste containers before you can negotiate the right price for your budget. Here are some important things to know before you begin the skip bin hiring process.

You Can Hire Them On a Same-Day Basis -- One of the best ways to get cheap skip bins is to rent one early in the morning for a same-day service. This means that you will hire the skip bin only for one day. The skip bin hire company will deliver the skip bin to your location in the morning and return before the end of the day to pick up the bin. Most skip bin hire companies ask that you make your reservations at least one day before you want the skip bin to ensure availability, but same-day skip bin hire can save you money, especially if you choose a company that charges you per hour instead of per day. To maximise your savings, you can also request that the skip bin delivery person wait while you load up the bin, which usually means you can finish the job within a few hours.

Be Aware of Permit Regulations -- If you are using your skip bin in a commercial area, or you want to place the skip bin in a public footpath, you may be required to obtain a permit, which can add to the cost of your rental. To avoid this requirement, try to have your skip bin placed on your driveway if you're working at home or within your designated property if you are at a commercial or business site. If a permit is required, you will either have to obtain it on your own, or the skip bin hire company will obtain it and add it to the cost of your rental.

Opt For a Mobile Skip Bin -- When budget is a consideration, a mobile skip bin may be your best option. Mobile skip bins are mounted on wheels and are towed to your location instead of mounted on a truck. If you order a mobile skip bin, you can use it on a public footpath without obtaining a permit because the skip bin is easily moved to prevent it from blocking the path of any pedestrians. Mobile skip bins also allow you to do your work faster, because you can move them to different areas where you have waste, making your loading go quicker.